Using melamine tableware is equivalent to chronic poisoning


Melamine tableware is a common type of plastic tableware, usually made of a resin called melamine. Melamine tableware is widely used in the market and does not meet hygiene standards and food safety requirements. They are considered unsafe and can directly lead to chronic poisoning.

However, melamine tableware may release trace amounts of melamine compounds when exposed to high temperatures or prolonged contact with hot food. This may be because high temperatures cause the melamine resin in tableware to gradually decompose. Although the amounts of these compounds released are minute, long-term exposure may pose potential health risks.

Avoid high temperatures: Avoid using melamine tableware to serve food or drinks that are very hot. High temperatures may accelerate the release of melamine. If you need to hold hot food, you can choose tableware made of other materials, such as glass, ceramic or stainless steel, and stone imitation porcelain.

Don’t use broken melamine cutlery: Broken melamine cutlery may release compounds more easily. If your melamine tableware becomes damaged, scratched or cracked, it is best to stop using it and replace it with new ones.

Follow Instructions for Use: Follow the instructions and warnings for melamine tableware. Manufacturers often provide guidelines on best use and cleaning methods.

Diverse tableware choices: To reduce the risk of long-term exposure, diversify tableware choices. You can rotate tableware made of different materials to reduce the long-term use of melamine tableware.

If you are concerned about the safety of melamine tableware, you can choose to use tableware made of other materials, such as glass, ceramic or stainless steel, and stone imitation porcelain. These materials are generally considered safer and do not carry similar potential risks. Before making any decision, it is best to refer to the recommendations of relevant agencies or consult professionals to obtain more accurate and detailed information.

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