Jiatianfu environmentally friendly inorganic tableware


1. Use environmentally friendly raw materials: Jiatianfu inorganic tableware uses non-toxic, non-polluting environmentally friendly raw materials, which not only ensures the safety of the product, but also contributes to environmental protection and sustainable development.

2. Excellent characteristics: Jia Tianfu's inorganic tableware is waterproof, sturdy, resistant to falling and high temperature, and can adapt to various environments and uses, meeting the needs of different fields such as the catering industry and children's catering industry.

3. Strict quality assurance: Jiatianfu inorganic tableware has passed a number of tests and standards to ensure the safety and hygiene of the product, which allows consumers to use it with confidence.

4. Conducive to circular economy: The raw materials of Jiatianfu inorganic tableware come from shells in coastal areas. This not only solves the problem of shells piling up in mountains, but also reduces the exploitation of oil, forests, and mines, which is conducive to the development of circular economy.

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