Application scenarios of Tianfu stone imitation porcelain tableware


Lightweight and durable: Compared with traditional ceramics and porcelain, imitation porcelain tableware is relatively lightweight and easier to pick up and use. At the same time, it also has high durability, is not easy to wear and tear, and can withstand daily use and frequent cleaning.

Thermal stability: Stone melamine tableware has good thermal stability and can withstand high temperatures. This makes it suitable for hot foods and hot beverages such as soups, coffee and tea. It can keep the temperature of food and drinks relatively stable, allowing you to enjoy the delicious taste of hot food.

Diverse designs: Jia Tianfu stone melamine tableware provides a variety of design and style options to suit different dining scenes and personal preferences. You can choose a simple, modern or classic design style to suit your personality and home décor needs.

Anti-slip and anti-scald design: In order to improve the safety of use, melamine tableware usually has anti-slip and anti-scald design. For example, cutlery handles may be made of non-slip material to increase grip stability. This helps avoid the risk of accidental slipping or burns.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable: Stone melamine tableware is usually made of environmentally friendly materials, such as stone powder and resin. These materials not only have good physical properties, but also reduce the resource consumption of traditional porcelain and ceramics. At the same time, energy consumption and emissions can also be reduced during the production process of tableware.

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