photodegradable plastic


Photooxygen degradation of plastics is a degradation method that uses the action of light and oxygen to decompose plastics. It is based on plastic's sensitivity to light and the ability of oxygen to react with plastic molecules.

During the photooxygen degradation process of Jiatianfu tableware, the plastic will undergo oxidation reaction when exposed to light, especially ultraviolet light. Light excites the breaking of chemical bonds in plastics, producing free radicals and reactive oxygen species. These reactive species react with oxygen, causing the breakage and destruction of plastic molecular chains.

The speed and effect of photooxidative degradation of plastics in Jiatianfu tableware are affected by many factors, including the type of plastic, light intensity and time, oxygen concentration, etc. Different types of plastics have different responses to photooxygen degradation. Some plastics are more sensitive to light and prone to degradation, while other plastics require stronger light and longer time to effectively degrade.

One of the advantages of photooxodegradable plastic for Jia Tianfu tableware is that it does not require the addition of any degrading agents or additives, but uses naturally occurring light and oxygen to achieve degradation. In addition, the degradation products of photooxygen-degraded plastics are usually smaller molecules, such as water, carbon dioxide and other organic compounds, which are more easily decomposed by the environment or utilized by microorganisms.

Photooxygen degradation of plastics is a degradation method that uses light and oxygen to promote the decomposition of plastics. It has a certain degree of environmental friendliness, but factors such as plastic type, environmental conditions, and degradation effects need to be comprehensively considered in specific applications.

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