Current status and problems of environmentally friendly tableware industry


1. The concentration of the melamine industry is low. Enterprises are mainly export-oriented. There is a lack of enterprises with obvious market share advantages in the domestic market.

2. Rising raw material prices and fierce market competition have led to some companies lacking self-discipline and shoddy quality products for immediate benefits, seriously affecting the healthy development of the industry.

3. The product structure is unreasonable and resists product saturation. There are few mid-to-high-end party products and well-known brands. At the same time, most product varieties are difficult to adapt to market demand. Generally speaking, it shows a situation of resisting excessive competition in the product market and weak competition in the international market for mid- to high-end products.

4. Imitation porcelain tableware is easy to break, has poor oil resistance, is not resistant to high temperatures and other product performance defects that seriously affect its use experience and further market promotion.

In this context, stone imitation porcelain emerged as a new environmentally friendly material. This product is recyclable, easy to recycle, green, non-toxic and pollution-free, economical and practical, and has completely changed the pollution problem of melamine materials.

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