Jiatianfu tableware recycled resources


Jiatianfu tableware is made of degradable and recyclable materials and can be recycled. We attach great importance to environmental protection and sustainable development, and are committed to providing tableware products that meet environmental protection requirements.

Our tableware is made of degradable materials, such as biodegradation and photooxodegradation, which can decompose into harmless substances under appropriate conditions and have no negative impact on the environment. At the same time, we also encourage users to recycle used tableware for recycling.

By using Jia Tianfu tableware, you can contribute to environmental protection, reduce the use of traditional plastic tableware, and reduce the consumption of natural resources. We hope to work with you to promote environmental protection concepts and promote sustainable development.

If you have more questions about the degradability, recyclability and recycling of Jia Tianfu tableware or want to know more related information, we are very happy to answer your questions. Thank you for your attention and support for environmentally friendly tableware!

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