The medical value of oyster shell tableware


The medical value of oyster shell tableware:

Suppressing the Liver and suppressing Yang, softening and dispelling stagnation

Oyster shell is the material of tableware. Oyster shell is salty and slightly cold. It belongs to liver and kidney meridians. It is used for palpitations, insomnia, spontaneous sweating, and night sweats. effect.

1. The material of the tableware, oyster shell, tastes salty, enters the liver meridian, and has the effect of calming the liver and suppressing yang. Or limb tremor, tetany, etc. caused by liver wind internal movement, often used with keel, crocodile, and white peony root.

2. The material of the tableware, oyster shell, has a salty taste and has the effect of softening and resolving hard masses. It can be used for scrofula caused by stagnation of phlegm and fire. It is often used together with Fritillaria and Scrophulariae.

3. The material of the tableware. The oyster shell contains a large amount of arginine, which is indispensable for the production of sperm. Arginine is the main component of sperm production. After the oyster shell is forged, it has the effect of astringent and astringent. It can be used for spontaneous sweating, night sweats, Nocturnal emission in men, synovial semen, leukorrhagia in women, metrorrhagia, menorrhagia, etc.

4. Tableware material Glycogen in oyster shells can store energy in the liver and muscles, and has a deep relationship with cell division, regeneration, and activation of red blood cells. It can improve liver function, restore fatigue, and enhance physical strength. Taurine contained in oyster shells can promote the secretion of bile, remove the neutral fat accumulated in the liver, and improve the detoxification of the liver.

Oyster shells, the material of tableware, contain a large amount of calcium carbonate, which can be used in medicine and clinical medicine, and can also be turned into treasure in factories. Processed into fertilizer for soil conditioning, villages in Guangzhou even use oyster shells to build houses, and the houses built with oyster shells are often indestructible. After eating raw oysters, you can also use the shells as waste for growing flowers, so as to protect the environment by throwing less garbage

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