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Trays hold dishes, cups, and food plates. The shapes are divided into round and rectangular. Jiatianfu tableware trays are divided into dining trays and food trays. The scene in the kitchen uses food, dishes, and cups, which are easy and tidy to take.


Pallets can be divided into light pallets and heavy pallets according to their weight and usage.

Qingtuo (disc): also known as "pintuo", refers to the use of small discs in service or delivery of food, drinks, tableware, etc. Because the items on the tray are relatively light, generally 2 to 5 kilograms, it is called "light delivery". And because the plate is held flat on the chest, it is also called "chest rest", which is suitable for zero o'clock, banquets and receptions.

Heavy pallet (round plate, square plate): also known as "high pallet", mainly used for consigning dishes, drinks, packing tableware or vegetable pots, etc. Because the weight on the plate is relatively heavy, generally 10-20 kg, it is called "heavy support"; and because the part of the plate resting on the shoulder, it is also called "shoulder support". Heavy trays are used for large and medium-sized trays, and their capacity is 3 times that of a large tray. They are often used for taking dishes at banquets, packing large-scale dishes, etc., and are suitable for banquets and restaurants.

How to use

The forearm of the left hand is at 90° to the upper arm, and the elbow is a punch away from the body. Use the fingertips of the left hand and the heel of the palm to support the middle part of the bottom of the tray. The palm does not touch the bottom of the tray. Hold it up smoothly, put it flat on the left front of the body, put down the right hand after the tray is flattened, the tray should be slightly lower than the chest and slightly higher than the waist


1. Master the posture of the end tray. According to the order in which the consigned items are dispatched, they should be reasonably loaded into the tray. Generally, the heavy and tall objects are placed on the side close to the body, so that it is easy to grasp the center of gravity of the tray; On the outside of the tray, the items in the tray are properly distributed to facilitate your own work, so as to avoid possible self-collision caused by excessive rotation of the tray surface or when the right hand crosses to pick up objects.

2. When packing tableware and utensils on the countertop, do not mix all items in a tray regardless of size, shape, volume, and material, otherwise the items will slide easily, or even fall to the ground and break. Instead, put napkins, towels, and glassware , Porcelain tableware should be placed on plates in order to avoid damage due to collisions between items of different textures.

3. Wine bottles and beverages should be placed on plates according to different specifications of large and small. There should be a finger space between the bottles, and they should not be close together, so as to avoid the sound of collision when lifting and walking. However, care should also be taken not to pack them too loosely. If the distance between the bottles is too large, it may easily cause the bottom of the bottles to slide and cause the hands to lose central control.

4. When filling wine, be careful to put the tall wine glass facing outward. When loading and unloading, you should operate according to the principle of from high to low, from heavy to light, and from inside to outside. At the same time, pay attention to squatting when unloading the plate.

5. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the tray.

6. According to the support of different items, choose the appropriate walking pace.

7. When walking, the upper body should be straight, and the movements should be brisk and agile.

8. Use the tray with your left hand, and let your right hand hang down naturally.

9. When walking, you need to stop sideways, smile and nod, and take the initiative to greet passengers when you meet them.


1. Regular step 2. Quick step 3. Broken step 4. Padding step 5. Skillful step

When walking normally, the feet should walk in a straight line, the pace should be even and steady, and the fast should be steady while the slow should be fast and steady.


1. When cleaning the tray, use a soft brush to scrub it, pay attention to force, so as not to scratch the non-slip surface.

2. After cleaning, wipe it clean with a dry towel, and there should be no wine stains or water stains on the surface.

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