What are the Chinese tablewar?


What are the Chinese tablewar?

1. Chopsticks: The main tableware in Chinese food is chopsticks, which must be used in pairs.

2. Spoon: The main function of a spoon is to scoop up dishes and food, but try not to use the spoon alone to get the dishes, you can use chopsticks as a support.

3. Bowl: Bowls can be used to serve rice and soup, and when eating, you can hold the rice bowl in your hands.

4. When holding the bowl, use the four fingers of your left hand to support the bottom of the bowl, with your thumb on the end of the bowl.

5. When eating, the height of the bowl is roughly in line with the chin.

6. Plate: A slightly smaller plate called a saucer is mainly used to hold food and is roughly the same as a bowl.

7. meal, the plate on the table generally require to stay in place, and do not stack together.

8. soup pot: soup pot is used to hold soup food.

9. Water cup: Chinese water cups are mainly used to hold water, juice, soft drinks such as soft drinks.

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