A kind of anti-fall and good-looking baby tableware, it is really poisonous if used wrong


There are all kinds of tableware for babies, and it is dazzling to choose.

There is a kind of "melamine tableware" on the market, which has rich patterns, smooth surface, and is as delicate as ceramics, so it is also called melamine tableware.

Its material is hard and durable, easy to clean, and the price is not expensive. Many parents will buy it for their babies.

Be careful when using melamine tableware, as it may increase the risk of precipitation of harmful substances such as melamine and formaldehyde, causing hidden dangers to your baby's health.

Heat in microwave, steamer

Exceeding the heat resistance temperature of melamine

Babies eat and play while eating, and the food is easy to cool down. Many parents will put it in the microwave and heat it again before giving it to the baby.

The heat-resistant temperature of melamine tableware is 140°C. Studies have shown that melamine and formaldehyde will be decomposed when heated to 185°C.

When heating in a microwave oven, the radiation may cause a local super high temperature exceeding 185 ℃, which is unsafe for melamine material.

Store acidic food for a long time

destroy material stability

The pattern of melamine tableware is cute and lovely. In addition to serving meals for babies, some parents also like to use it as fruit dishes and saucers.

The chemical structure of melamine is extremely stable, and it is difficult to be destroyed under normal conditions, but acidic substances will accelerate the speed of hydrolysis and recombination of melamine.

To put it simply, long-term storage of acidic food will cause the stability of the melamine material to decrease, making it easier to decompose melamine and formaldehyde.

I usually use melamine tableware as a small dish at home, and it is best not to use it for rice vinegar, lemon juice and other acidic condiments.

Continue to use after scratches and cracks

accelerated material aging

Baby's tableware will inevitably experience bumps, falls, and sometimes scratches, small cracks, or a small piece of knock-off. Parents may not pay special attention to it, especially the thrifty elders who think "it's a pity to throw it away. ", and continued to use it for the baby.

Damage to the surface of the tableware, even if it is just a scratch, will accelerate the aging of the material and increase the risk of formaldehyde and melamine precipitation.

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