Disposable tableware is convenient to use, but it affects everyone's health


Although it is convenient and quick to use disposable tableware, there are health and safety risks! In daily life, disposable tableware can be seen everywhere in fast food restaurants in the streets and alleys, and everyone makes do with it for convenience. However, I still want to remind everyone that for our own health, we should pay more attention to the hygiene of tableware when eating, and try to develop the habit of bringing our own tableware and reducing or not using disposable tableware. In fact, many citizens understand that there are some problems in using disposable tableware. Because of convenience, many people cannot live without disposable tableware. Disposable tableware, the same thing, people have different attitudes towards it, and as many citizens worry about, are disposable tableware hygienic?

According to regulations, the outer packaging of disposable tableware should be marked with product-related information such as factory address, production date, and shelf life, but everyone recalls, has this information been marked on the disposable tableware you have used? The reporter saw the lunch box in his hand, the packaging was very simple, and there was no word printed on the transparent packaging bag except for the dust. The shop owner told the reporter that no information would be printed on the small package of this kind of disposable tableware, and it was usually on the box. Afterwards, the shop owner brought a packing box to the reporter. Could not find any relevant information about the product.

Regardless of the outer package or the small package, there is no information about the manufacturer. After the reporter visited, the product quality of disposable tableware is indeed shocking. Next, the reporter will report the problems found to the relevant management department.

Here, we also want to remind the general public that for our own health, we should pay more attention to the hygiene of tableware when dining, try to develop the habit of bringing our own tableware, and reduce or not use disposable tableware, so as to avoid these unnecessary dishes. Trouble.

The country advocates green environmental protection as the theme to create a healthy ecology. Enterprises, institutions, schools, and hospitals uniformly deliver meals, and use green and environmentally friendly tableware, which can be recycled for a long time. Our "Jiatianfu" tableware is green, environmentally friendly, healthy, non-toxic, waterproof, strong, drop-resistant and high-temperature resistant, and recyclable. Can be used in microwave ovens and disinfection cabinets, high temperature does not burst; bright luster, easy to color, slow heat conduction, not hot, smooth edges, delicate feel, easy to clean. The product has passed various testing indicators; the product has passed the SGS standard; the product has passed the food container certification. Widely used in catering industry and children's catering industry.

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