The difference between oyster shell powder and stone powder


Oyster shell powder and lime powder are both white powders, and it is difficult to distinguish their molecular sizes with the naked eye, so they feel similar, but the molecular size of oyster shell powder is much smaller than that of stone powder. It is processed by this process and has a high degree of fineness, while the molecules of stone powder cannot meet the standard.

The main components of oyster shell powder are calcium carbonate and chitin, and also contain a small amount of amino acids and polysaccharides. Stone powder is a white powdery substance with calcium carbonate as the main component. It does not contain chitin and has a certain amount of metal elements. Chitin can effectively inhibit bacteria, so stone powder has no such effect.

Oyster shells contain calcium carbonate, which is one of the essential mineral elements for the body and is mainly involved in the formation of bones and the balance of body fluids. Common stone powder and oyster shell powder in the market. Stone powder contains heavy metals, but oyster shell powder does not, stone powder contains magnesium, but oyster shell powder does not.

Recommend Jia Tianfu environmental protection oyster shell tableware

1. Raw materials for tableware: It is a new type of material made of inorganic (oyster shell powder) powder + pp as raw material plus polymer materials. Through high-temperature, high-pressure chemical reaction technology, it is a green, environmentally friendly and healthy product.

2. The tableware can be reused, degraded, and fully burned. During the burning process, no black smoke or toxic gas is produced. After burning, only ash powder is left, which returns to the soil and has a carbon neutral effect.

3. Tableware material is one of the most environmentally friendly materials. It is conducive to reducing the phenomenon of cutting down trees to make chopsticks and saving oil resources, and it is absolutely non-toxic. It does not add strong acid, strong alkali, melamine, formaldehyde and other chemical raw materials, which is superior to traditional melamine materials.

4. Tableware can be used in microwave ovens, sterilized in disinfection cabinets, high temperature does not burst, resists falling and is not broken, lead-free, non-toxic, slow heat conduction, not hot, smooth edges, easy to clean, oil-resistant and impermeable, can be cooked, aging resistance: 36 months.

5. Tableware has a wide range of application scenarios, and can be used in high-end and high-end restaurants: Chinese and Western restaurants, hotels, restaurant chain restaurant customized tableware, large canteen trays, etc., with the theme of environmental protection, health, non-toxic and pollution-free, drop-resistant and high-temperature resistance, and recyclable reuse . Use Jiatianfu tableware to upgrade the life of people and tableware, and reduce the cost of tableware loss and recycling for catering companies.

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