Catering consumption "adds another fire" China's economy "reaches a new level"


During the May Day holiday that just passed, by the Liangma River in Beijing, people came early and lined up in front of the special restaurants of Blue Harbor; in the major night markets in Shenyang, they came here to taste special delicacies such as chicken racks and cold noodles. There is an endless stream of foreign tourists; after the "Zibo BBQ" became popular, the sales of barbecue in Rizhao, Weihai, Yantai and other Shandong cities have increased several times compared with before the festival...

In eating, drinking and drinking, people's long-accumulated "taste buds" needs are concentrated and released; in laughter and laughter, delicious food adds a layer of happiness and satisfaction to people's holiday life. The recovery of consumption in the catering market in various places not only makes this "May Day" a "Golden Week" in the true sense, but also releases a positive signal that China's economy continues to improve.

Data Witness "Taste Bud Tour" "Adds Fire" to Cultural Tourism Consumption

According to the monitoring data of the Ministry of Commerce, the sales of major national retail and catering enterprises increased by 18.9% year-on-year during the "May 1st" holiday this year. Among them, catering and leisure consumption continued to be hot, and the sales of key catering enterprises increased by 57.9% year-on-year. Viewed from various places, whether it is the crowds in front of the restaurant, the trotting steps of store waiters to welcome customers, or the bright lights of the city at night, they are all intuitive reflections of this set of data.

On April 28, 2023, in Xianyang, Shaanxi, citizens tasted delicious food at the Beiping Street Night Market. Beiping Street Night Market is one of the characteristic night economic districts in this area. It has more than 150 shops and nearly 100 stalls, bringing together all kinds of special snacks from Shaanxi and all over the country. (Photo by Zhao Bing/Guangming Photo)

At the Makai restaurant in Drum Tower, Di'anmenwai Street, Beijing, during the holiday period, the sales here increased by about 30% year-on-year. The 7 cooking chefs in the hot dish room in the back kitchen worked hard to leave delicious memories for tourists who came to Beijing; Chef Fei Chili Fried Pork in Guangzhou Zhengjia Plaza has a restaurant turnover rate of 1200% during the holidays. From opening to closing, it has been "popular" for 12 consecutive hours; with the "aroma" of barbecue, Zibo has become popular In this newly popular tourist city, during the "May 1st" period, the number of people received by Zibo's eight major bureau markets exceeded 160,000 a day, setting a new record in recent years.

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