Oysters are the best weapon to conquer enemies and women


Oysters have existed for thousands of years in the history of human diet. As early as BC, there were records of humans eating oysters. During the Roman Empire, eating oysters had become an indispensable procedure at the banquets of the upper class at that time. 6 Things You Need to Know About Oysters

1. There is a legend about oysters, the famous "milk in the sea". Among the many marine treasures, many people only love oysters. Since the golden age of ancient Greece, oysters have been eaten and considered as a god for physical fitness. It is called "God-given magic food", and in Japan it is called "root source". Oyster fishermen in the early 20th century, there are many interesting stories about eating oysters in history. It is said that one of the main purposes of Julius Caesar's expedition to England and launching the Battle of England was to obtain the fat oysters on the banks of the Thames River, so as to win the favor of many beauties in the harem. The face is always there. Back then, Napoleon ate oysters on the battlefield in order to maintain his combat effectiveness, and even boasted that "oysters are the best weapon to conquer enemies and women.

2. When is the season to eat oysters? Oysters turned out to be androgynous!

Oysters are produced all over the world, but only cold sea water can grow delicious and crispy oyster meat. Oysters are hermaphroditic organisms. They lay eggs in warm seasons. In autumn and winter, the cold sea water slows down the growth of oysters and turns them into males. Therefore, the oysters at this time contain the flavor of the sea and the meat is crisp. Each one is so precious and most suitable for eating. There is a special thing about eating oysters, which is called "no food without R", which means that there is no "R" letter in English words in the four months of five, six, seven, and eight every year. In the past, most restaurants did not serve oysters during these four months. However, with the development of transportation, the off-season oysters in the northern hemisphere is just a good time to eat oysters in the southern hemisphere.

3. Are oysters really aphrodisiac? The god of love gave the oysters lust!

There is indeed a legend in Western culture that Aphrodite, the god of love, gave oysters her lust. In the 18th century, Giacomo Casanova, a great lover who was famous in Europe and a romantic talent who pursued female sex, even claimed that oysters can enhance libido (Libido, which can help him to flourish). A breakfast of 50 oysters on a lover's breast can be eaten in the bathroom. It seems that there is no scientific conclusion on whether oysters have a real use in improving libido. But most oysters are rich in zinc, iron and other substances that help increase endurance, and zinc itself will promote progesterone levels.

4. Is this oyster fresh?

If the oyster has not been opened, just lightly tap the side of the oyster's shell, and the oyster will be fresh immediately; if you don't even have the strength to close the shell, it is probably dead. A fresh oyster should have a tightly closed double shell, with a certain degree of plumpness and a fresh sea aroma. The situation after opening the lid is more intuitive. If the oyster meat is obviously discolored, dry, or even wrinkled, it must be bad. Oyster meat is plump, with a fresh aroma, and full of seawater is the most basic criterion for judging. If you want to test whether the oysters are fresh enough, there is another simple method, which is to squeeze some lemon juice on them. Fresh oysters will be twisted when they encounter acid, but be careful, the distortion is very small, and you need to observe carefully.

5. How to open/eat oysters gracefully?

Just like smelling the aroma before tasting wine, you can drink a little seawater in the oyster shell before tasting oysters. The delicious juice of oysters comes from the salinity of seawater. You can start eating oyster meat after tasting the sea water. Insert a short-bladed oyster knife into the tip of the oyster shell, or use a slender oyster knife to cut through the wide end of the oyster shell and cut it off along the shell. Shell muscle, lift off the upper shell, then lift the lower shell, turn the oyster meat over with a knife, the oyster meat will be completely separated from the oyster shell, and you can pour the oyster meat connected to the seawater into your mouth to enjoy.

Opened three of the most professional oyster bars in China. Joyce, known as the oyster queen, told us that when eating oysters, remember to swallow them in one bite. Don't bite the oysters before you eat them, and don't pierce them with tableware, otherwise you will miss out. Taste the delicious and plump juice wrapped in the meat.

6. Speaking of wine pairings with oysters... white wine, champagne... and beer?

In the traditional sense, oysters are regarded as expensive food, and it can be said to be a good match with champagne.

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