Two-way travel between KFC and brand friends


There is an old friend, it is "intimate reservation" for breakfast on the way to work in a hurry, it is "on call" for lunch quickly, it is "soul snack" when returning home from overtime at night; it is a "children's paradise" for children ", is the "late-night canteen" for young people, and the "activity center" for the elderly... It is KFC with nearly 10,000 stores in more than 1,800 cities. Since entering China 36 years ago, KFC has accompanied the growth of several generations of Chinese consumers.

The 30-year-old Kara can be regarded as a veritable "KFC baby". "KFC has witnessed the love between my parents," Kara said with a smile. "My parents' first date was at KFC in Beijing. My birthday happened to be the day when the first KFC in Shandong opened. To commemorate this extraordinary day , specially left a poster for the opening of the restaurant at that time.”

When she was young, Kara's parents often bought her KFC children's meals and took her to participate in various KFC activities; KFC schoolbags, stationery and toys, as well as the happy parties held by KFC when she was a child, witnessed the happiness of Kara's family.

After growing up, Kara has always retained her childhood hobby of eating KFC children's meals. She cherishes every time the children's meal toys, and is still expanding the "collection" and intends to leave this special to her son Bob. The fate is passed on carefully.

For Kara, the KFC next to her home is like a neighbor. Kara will not miss any new products in the usual time, and the staff of the restaurant are like friends. The refrigerator at Kara’s home is also stocked with KFC’s own kitchen products such as steaks, pasta, and popcorn chicken. On weekends, Kara often uses these products to cook for the whole family.

Best friends are like a song for each other. KFC is not only exclusive to young people. There are many seniors among the users of the best friend card. For them, KFC is like their own living room, where friends get together, full of the tranquility of the years with elegance.

"Except for visiting relatives on the first day of the new year, as long as we open the store, we come to KFC almost every day." Aunt Sheng and Aunt Wang who said this in unison are loyal customers of KFC Auchan store in Wuxi. They are all friends of KFC brand.

A piece of steaming food, a friendly and warm smile, at KFC, food not only comforts people's hearts, but also connects and binds the brand and customers. The launch of the KFC Friend Card is not only based on the upgrade of consumer rights and benefits, but also represents the brand's firm commitment and original intention to consumers over the years since it entered China.

"May I be grateful for the year, and be with my long-term friends." Adhere to "crazy for customers" and pay attention to customer needs like treating precious friends. Only knowing each other with heart, treating each other with sincerity, and being with you for a long time is the foundation of evergreen brand.

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