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1. Jiatianfu tableware is a new type of material made of inorganic powder + pp as raw materials and polymer materials. Through high temperature and high pressure chemical reaction technology, it is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly product.

2. The recycled resources of Jiatianfu tableware are collected, crushed and extruded into granules, which become good processing additives. It can be treated as garbage and sent to the incinerator for combustion. During the combustion, black smoke will not be produced due to lack of oxygen and smoldering. Achieve carbon neutrality.

3. Jiatianfu tableware conforms to the national environmental protection concept, meets the requirements of recyclability, easy recycling, degradability, green environmental protection, and economical application, and completely changes the pollution problem of melamine materials in the past. It is a tableware that must be widely used in response to my country's pollution control and environmental protection policies and to build a beautiful China.

4. Jiatianfu tableware is one of the most environmentally friendly materials. It is conducive to reducing the phenomenon of cutting down trees to make chopsticks and saving oil resources, and it is absolutely non-toxic. It does not add strong acid, strong alkali, melamine, formaldehyde and other chemical raw materials, which is superior to traditional melamine materials.

5. Jiatianfu tableware can be used in microwave ovens, sterilized in disinfection cabinets, does not burst at high temperatures, is resistant to falling and shattering, is lead-free, non-toxic, has slow heat conduction, does not burn hands, has smooth edges, is easy to clean, and is oil-resistant and impermeable. Aging: 36 months.

6. Jiatianfu tableware has a wide range of application scenarios, and can be used in high-end and high-end restaurants: Chinese and Western restaurants, hotels, restaurant chain restaurant custom-made tableware, large canteen trays, etc., are environmentally friendly and healthy, non-toxic and pollution-free, resistant to falling and high temperature, and can be recycled. Take advantage of the theme. Use Jiatianfu tableware to upgrade the life of people and tableware, and reduce the cost of tableware loss and recycling for catering companies.

We collect hundreds of tableware styles, provide you with a full range of services, create a high-quality brand of Chinese tableware manufacturing, supply, operation, and service, and strive to create a world-renowned Chinese tableware.

At present, Guangdong Fuming Economic and Trade Co., Ltd., through the Internet professional communication platform, has created "Jiatianfu" to become a new brand in the tableware industry. As a company attached to high-tech manufacturing, Fuming Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. launched Jiatianfu tableware, which is green, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, resistant to falling and high temperature, and can be degraded and recycled for renewable resources. In addition, Jiatianfu tableware has passed the strict inspection of relevant departments and passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements. Based on quality, Jiatianfu is committed to creating five-star green and healthy tableware to benefit thousands of families.

As an entrepreneur who is enthusiastic about social welfare and environmental protection, our research direction has never been limited to the practicality and scientificity of raw materials and manufacturing processes. Advocate the concept of green environmental protection and health, strive to improve the utilization rate of various energy, resources, and materials, follow various environmental laws and regulations to reduce the use of various natural resources, and actively promote clean production and energy conservation and emission reduction, which also runs through his exploration and development process. Another topic in .

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