Jiatianfu environmental protection tableware has played a great role in hotel catering


With the development of Jiatianfu tableware, it is more and more popular in people's life. With its unique advantages, it has defeated plastic, melamine, stainless steel and even ceramic tableware, and has gradually become the international environmental protection tableware standard, playing a huge role in hotel catering.

The hotel’s catering has strict requirements, and even the relevant employees in charge of catering will be trained in advance. It can be seen that the hotel’s catering still attaches great importance to food hygiene and safety. The customer is God, and it is also a good way to be responsible for the customer’s food. Professionalism.

The emergence of Jiatianfu tableware has played a great role in the hotel's catering. Its exquisite appearance allows guests to enjoy the beauty and safety of vision and taste when dining in the hotel. Green, healthy and environmentally friendly, high temperature resistant, durable, not easy to break, not only can help the hotel save the cost of catering utensils, but also allow guests to use it safely. In hotels or large-scale catering industries, collective kitchen utensils are used. For example, a large dishwasher is equipped in the kitchen, which reduces the investment in human resources. However, tableware is very fragile, not easy to withstand high temperature, easy to break or deform, which will cause a lot of trouble and waste of money. Jiatianfu tableware will not cause such troubles in the hotel.

Jiatianfu tableware is a product that complies with national production standards and international testing standards, and meets the needs of people's daily life and hotel companies. It will be upgraded to a higher level in terms of features, performance and appearance. At the same time, it does a good job of protecting people's diet and daily life. With the development of the times, the hotel and catering industry will rely more and more on Jiatianfu tableware, which also proves that Jiatianfu tableware has played a role in promoting social progress in all aspects.

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