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Chinese traditional etiquette

A major feature of Chinese food is the use of tableware, which has its own traditional emphasis. Let me introduce you to several common ways of use.

1. Chopsticks

There are many taboos in using chopsticks: they must be used in pairs. When taking it with chopsticks, be careful not to lick it no matter whether there is food left on the chopsticks. When chopsticks are not used for the time being, they should be placed on chopstick rests, or on the edge of one's own bowl or plate. Don't put it directly on the dining table, and don't put it horizontally on bowls and plates, especially on public bowls and plates. When chopsticks are not in use, they should not be placed on food or dishes at "attention". According to folklore, this is only done when offering sacrifices to ancestors. In addition, don't use chopsticks as forks to fork food. When talking with others, you should temporarily put down your chopsticks, and you cannot use them to "point fingers" or "dance" back and forth. It is even more forbidden to hit bowls and plates for "soundtrack". Do not use chopsticks to pick teeth, scratch itches, etc.

2. Spoon

Regarding the use of spoons, there are two situations, one is a public spoon, and the other is your own special spoon. A trend in modern Chinese food etiquette is to advocate the use of serving spoons more and more, especially when taking soup-based dishes. For the public spoon, just remember to put it back after scooping up the food every time, and don't send it directly to your mouth, but put it in your own bowl and dish first, and then use your own spoon to take it , otherwise it will lose the meaning of the public spoon. How do you hold the spoon? The standard holding method is: hold the end of the handle of the spoon in the right hand, with the index finger on top, hold down the handle of the spoon, and support the thumb and middle finger below. Some people hold the spoon with their thumb on the top, hold the handle of the spoon, and use their index and middle fingers to support it. This is not correct.

When you use a spoon to drink soup, unlike Western food, you have to drink it from the outside in. Never pick it up and drink it directly, and don't make any noise when drinking. When taking food with a spoon, don't overfill it, so as not to overflow and stain the table or your own clothes. If necessary, after scooping up the food, you can stay in place for a while, and when the soup will no longer flow down, move it back to enjoy. After taking food with a spoon, you can eat it immediately or put it on a plate, and you can't pour the food back to the original place. If the food is too hot, you can't scoop it with a spoon, let alone blow it with your mouth. Eat food from a spoon, don't put the spoon in your mouth, or suck and lick repeatedly. If you don't use the spoon for a while, put it back on your plate instead of placing it directly on the table or sticking it in the food.

3. Bowl

When dining on a business occasion, don't eat with a bowl, let alone hold a bowl with both hands. Use chopsticks and spoons to assist when eating, and you can't "start" or "mouth" directly, and you can't suck the side of the bowl. If there is some leftover food on the plate or bowl, don't pour it directly into your mouth, let alone lick it, you can use chopsticks or a spoon to handle it. Unused bowls, and don't throw things in them, such as some unused napkins. It is also not good to put the bowl upside down on the table.

4. Food dish

The food dish is used to temporarily put the dishes picked up from the public dish. Don't add too many dishes each time, otherwise it will look messy and messy, and it will look like "hungry ghost reincarnated". It is best not to pile up a variety of dishes, otherwise not only will the dishes "flavour" each other, but it will also look ugly. Don't spit out the residue, bones and thorns that you don't want to eat on the ground or on the table, but put them at the front of the food dish. You can't spit it directly from your mouth on the food dish. You can use chopsticks or your hands to help. If the dishes are dirty or full of bones and thorns, you can ask the waiter to replace them.

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