How to choose melamine tableware


Imitation porcelain tableware is exquisite in workmanship, diverse in design, bright in color and affordable, so it is very popular in restaurants. Porcelain tableware has a white texture, but is fragile, so imitation porcelain tableware appeared, and now most restaurants use it Is the melamine tableware, how to choose the melamine tableware that is indispensable every day?

Advantages of melamine tableware

1. Imitation porcelain tableware has the white and warm appearance of porcelain. It looks more upscale than plastic tableware, and more textured and artistic than metal tableware. Although it looks the same as ordinary porcelain, the price is much cheaper than ceramics. .

2. Everyone knows that ceramics are fragile products, which are easy to crack or even break when they are collided. When using or cleaning, you need to handle them with care and be extra careful. The ordinary bumps and bumps of imitation porcelain tableware will not cause other damage. Cracks appear when broken, very strong and durable.

3. The melamine tableware is very practical. It is not afraid of low temperature and can withstand high temperature. Use melamine tableware to heat food at high temperature in the microwave oven, or put it in the refrigerator for refrigeration. It is not easy to damage the melamine tableware. It is practical Stronger and wider scope of application.

The disadvantage of melamine tableware is that the user uses the tableware improperly or buys inferior tableware and other hazards:

1. Inferior melamine tableware is made of inferior materials. It is made of a mixture of cheap urea and formaldehyde. It will decompose after about 100°C. It can be seen that the thermal decomposition temperature is much lower. , its material will be decomposed, thereby releasing formaldehyde, which can easily lead to various diseases and even cancer.

2. When using melamine tableware, it is important to pay attention not to hold some strong acids, oils and strong alkaline foods. In addition, do not use excessively irritating detergents or steel wool when cleaning. , so as not to damage the resin surface of the melamine tableware, if the anti-porcelain tableware is found to be damaged, the tableware should be replaced in time.

The country vigorously develops the circular economy, and in the specific countermeasures and measures, it first points out that it will increase investment in basic theoretical research and focus on the development and utilization of "high-performance green and environmentally friendly materials" and "materials with renewable resources as raw materials". Jiatianfu tableware uses green, healthy, environment-friendly, pollution-free and zero-emission raw materials. It not only solves the problem of shells piled up in coastal areas and cannot be effectively treated, but also reduces the exploitation of oil, forests, and mines. It is a new breakthrough in the entire tableware industry. . Jiatianfu tableware, also known as environmentally friendly oyster shell tableware, is a new material made of oyster shell powder + PP, plus polymer materials. Waterproof, sturdy, heat-resistant, non-flammable, it is beneficial to reduce the phenomenon of tree felling and papermaking and save oil resources, and it is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. With its light weight, beautiful appearance, high and low temperature resistance, and non-fragile properties.

Jiatianfu Tableware Performance (three highs): high gloss (110°), high temperature resistance (170°C), high strength (drop resistance) advantages: can be used in microwave ovens and disinfection cabinets, high temperature does not burst; non-stick, non-toxic, Lead-free, no harmful gas, all environmental indicators meet international standards; bright luster, easy to color, slow heat conduction, not hot, smooth edges, delicate feel, easy to clean. Quality implementation standards: The product has passed the GB4806.7-2016 test; the product has passed the SGS standard; the product has passed the US FDA and EU food container certification. Widely used in catering industry and children's catering industry.

At present, Guangdong Fuming Economic and Trade Co., Ltd., through the Internet professional communication platform, has created "Jiatianfu" to become a new brand in the tableware industry. As a company attached to high-tech manufacturing, Fuming Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. launched Jiatianfu tableware, which is green, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, resistant to falling and high temperature, and can be degraded and recycled for renewable resources. In addition, Jiatianfu tableware has passed the strict inspection of relevant departments and passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements. Based on quality, Jiatianfu is committed to creating five-star green and healthy tableware to benefit thousands of families.

At present, the Market Supervision Bureau has stricter standards for tableware than before. In fact, as long as you buy regular products and use them properly, there is basically no major harm. Therefore, when you choose tableware, especially products that hold food, don’t be too Concerned about the price, quality clearance is king.

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