Disposable tableware industry status and market development prospects


In 2022, the global disposable tableware market size is about 231 billion yuan, with a compound annual growth rate from 2018 to 2022. It is expected to continue to maintain a steady growth trend in the future. By 2029, the market size will be close to 278.7 billion yuan, with a CAGR of 2.4% in the next six years. According to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, each Englishman uses an average of 18 single-use plastic plates and 37 pieces of plastic cutlery a year, only 10% of which are recycled. At the same time, plastic waste is difficult to degrade and will pollute soil and water sources. To this end, the British government will introduce a new ban on the use of disposable plastic tableware.

Disposable tableware refers to non-edible tools that directly contact food during meals, utensils and utensils used to assist food distribution or food intake, and are only for one-time use, and are thrown away as garbage. Paper disposable tableware is mainly made of paper and cardboard through printing, molding and other processes. Biodegradable disposable tableware is mainly made of PLA and CPLA; plastic disposable tableware is mainly made of PP/PET/PS. The top four manufacturers in the world together account for more than 14% of the market share. In terms of product type, disposable cups are the largest segment with a market share of about 29%. In terms of applications, the largest application is commercial, with a share of about 77%. the

With the acceleration of the pace of life, more and more young people choose to order takeaway at noon. Usually, the tableware used for takeaway is all disposable tableware. I have to say that the takeaway market is relatively active now, so Disposable tableware, which is closely related to it, naturally has a relatively broad market development prospect.

The number of online food delivery users in China has reached 469 million. The scale of the takeaway catering industry is still gradually growing, especially due to the impact of the epidemic, many consumers have to order takeaway. From the perspective of the takeaway population structure, although the 24-35 age group accounts for more than half, it is still the main consumer group. However, the list shows that compared with the same period last year, the order volume of "post-00s" users across the country has increased by nearly 20% this year, and disposable tableware has become a "new force" in takeaway consumption.

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