Why Jiatianfu tableware can quickly integrate into the market


Jiatianfu tableware, also known as environmentally friendly oyster shell tableware, is a new material made of oyster shell powder + PP, plus polymer materials. Waterproof, sturdy, heat-resistant, non-flammable, it is beneficial to reduce the phenomenon of tree felling and papermaking and save oil resources, and it is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. With its light weight, beautiful appearance, high and low temperature resistance, and non-fragile properties.

Jiatianfu Tableware Performance (three highs): high gloss (110°), high temperature resistance (170°C), high strength (drop resistance) advantages: can be used in microwave ovens and disinfection cabinets, high temperature does not burst; non-stick, non-toxic, Lead-free, no harmful gas, all environmental indicators meet international standards; bright luster, easy to color, slow heat conduction, not hot, smooth edges, delicate feel, easy to clean. Quality implementation standards: The product has passed the GB4806.7-2016 test; the product has passed the SGS standard; the product has passed the US FDA and EU food container certification. Widely used in catering industry and children's catering industry.

So why can Jiatianfu tableware quickly integrate into the market?

In fact, Jiatianfu tableware is also called melamine tableware. As the name suggests, the appearance and structure look like porcelain tableware, but it is not exactly porcelain tableware, because Jiatianfu tableware not only has the beauty of porcelain tableware, but also has the advantages of lightness and convenience, resistance to falling, high temperature and not easy to break. Now it is Widely used in various industries. Especially the children's catering industry and fast food industry that everyone is concerned about.

When Jiatianfu tableware was first launched on the market, it was also questioned by some people, but it was quickly accepted by the market and loved by consumers for its unique advantages and extensive features. First of all, because it is a high-molecular polymer with strong stability, there is no side reaction, so you don’t have to worry about what harmful substances it will produce under high temperature and high heat, and it will go into human food. In addition, it is due to its high temperature resistance. It is also not easy to burst when it encounters boiling water like glass.

Another thing is that it has a smooth surface like porcelain tableware, and it can also show different colors. It looks as beautiful as any kind of tableware, and it is light in weight. Relatively speaking, it is lighter than ordinary tableware. High-quality glass, stainless steel, and porcelain tableware should be lighter. It even has strong resistance to some oils, acids and alkalis and other solvents, so Jiatianfu tableware has all the advantages that it should have when used as tableware, which is why it is widely used.

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