Size and use of Western food plates


(1) Introduction of Western tableware

There are many types of tableware in Western food, including large plates, small plates, shallow dishes, deep dishes, forks for salads, forks for forked meat, spoons for soup, spoons for desserts, etc. Whether it is a knife, fork, spoon or plate in Western tableware, it is an extension of the hand, such as a plate, which is the expansion and extension of the entire palm; The fork, on the other hand, represents the fingers of the entire hand.

(2) Size and use of Western food plates

1. Flat bread/butter dish 6.5 inches

2. Salad flat 8.5 inches

3. Deep soup plate 9 inches-11.6 inches

4. Steak flat dish 10.5 inches

5. Display flat plate 12.5 inch (for decoration)

6. Dessert flat plate 7.5 inches (can be replaced by bread plate)

7. If you want to be complete, you need to prepare:

Coffee cup + tray, tea cup + tray, large salad bowl, oval fish plate, gravy pot, pastry plate, sugar jar, creamer jar, etc.

(3) Western food knives and forks placement etiquette

The knife and fork are placed on the plate in the figure of eight in Chinese characters, the blade is facing inward, not outward, the fork is lice facing up, and the teeth are facing down. This is to tell the waiter and others that I haven't finished this dish. Never put it side by side, if the knife and fork are side by side, the blade is facing inward, and the fork teeth are facing up, it means not to eat, put it away.

(4) How to handle a Western food dinner knife

Press your index finger on the back of the handle. The correct posture for holding a knife at a banquet is "hand holding the hilt, thumb pressed to the side of the handle, and index finger pressed on the back of the handle." "Someone would put their index finger on the back of the knife, and that wasn't the right way. Except for dishes that can only be cut by clenching the root of the tooth, or the knife is too blunt, the index finger cannot reach the back of the knife. There are also people who hold knives with their little fingers straight, especially women.

Second, how big is the size of Western food plates

The main specifications of Western food plates seem to be 11 inches and 13 inches, and they make some steaks and risotto at home. Large plates hold meat, and small plates generally contain nuts. The dining habits of Western food are very different from those in China, basically a plate of Western food is the entire content of a meal for one person, while Chinese food is a table for several people. Regarding the question of how big a Western food plate is generally bought, in fact, different foods need to be placed in different sizes of dinner plates, let's take a look at how big a Western food plate is generally bought.

6 inches: diameter about 15CM large zhidao small suitable for snack plate/snack plate

7 inches: diameter about 19.5CM, size suitable for pastry inner plate/dim sum plate

8 inches: diameter about 20.5CM, suitable for cake pan/salad pan

10 inches: about 26cm in diameter, suitable for steak plates

10.5 inches: about 26.5cm in diameter, the size is suitable for steak plates

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