What are the disinfection methods for environmentally friendly tableware


The method of disinfecting environmentally friendly tableware depends on the material and characteristics of the tableware. The following are several common methods for disinfecting environmentally friendly tableware:

Hot water disinfection: For reusable environmentally friendly tableware, such as stainless steel, glass, ceramics, oyster shell inorganic powder tableware, etc., hot water can be used for disinfection. Completely immerse the utensils in hot water, making sure the water temperature reaches at least 70°C (160°F), and keep the utensils soaked in hot water for a certain period of time, usually at least 1-2 minutes is recommended. Hot water disinfection can effectively kill most bacteria and viruses.

Food Safety Approved Disinfectants: Eco-friendly tableware can be disinfected using food safety approved disinfectants. Dissolve an appropriate amount of disinfectant in water according to the disinfectant instructions, and then soak the tableware in the solution for a certain period of time. When using disinfectants, be sure to carefully read and follow the disinfectant's instructions and safe handling guidelines to ensure proper use and dilution.

Ultraviolet disinfection: Certain ultraviolet disinfection equipment can be used to disinfect environmentally friendly tableware. These devices use ultraviolet radiation, which kills bacteria and viruses. Place the environmentally friendly tableware in the UV disinfection equipment and follow the equipment's instructions. Please note that when using UV disinfection equipment, you must follow relevant safety operating guidelines and avoid direct exposure to UV rays.

Steam sterilization: For some environmentally friendly tableware, such as those made of silica gel or diatomaceous earth, steam can be used for sterilization. Place the dishes in the steam sterilization equipment and follow the equipment's instructions.

Before sterilizing environmentally friendly tableware, please clean the tableware properly to remove food residue and dirt.

It should be noted that different types of environmentally friendly tableware may have different disinfection requirements and restrictions. Please choose a suitable disinfection method based on the material of the tableware, the manufacturer's recommendations and relevant food safety guidelines, and strictly follow the instructions to ensure the hygiene and safety of environmentally friendly tableware.

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