Jiatianfu tableware investment conditions


Have relevant industry experience: We hope to cooperate with partners who have relevant industry experience, especially those who have certain experience and channel resources in tableware sales and distribution.

Have market expansion capabilities: We hope that our partners can have good market expansion capabilities, be able to promote and sell our Jiatianfu tableware, and establish stable sales channels.

Shared brand concept: We hope that our partners can share the brand concept with us, which is to focus on environmental protection and healthy lifestyle, and to be committed to providing high-quality tableware products.

Good business reputation and cooperative attitude: We hope that our partners have good business reputation and cooperative attitude and can establish long-term and stable cooperative relationships with us.

Financial strength: We hope that our partners have certain financial strength to support the sales and marketing activities of tableware.

If you meet the above conditions and are interested in our Jia Tianfu tableware, we are very willing to further discuss cooperation with you. Please contact us and we will arrange a detailed business meeting to discuss cooperation details and conditions in more depth.

Contact person: Zhao Hui

Phone: +86 15820905522 Same as WhatsApp

Email: zhaohuiicn@gmail.com

Thank you for your attention and we look forward to cooperating with you!...

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