JIATIANFU brand source


The brand name "Jiatianfu" comes from the traditional Chinese culture of pasting couplets and the custom of pasting "Fu". It adopts its meaning of auspiciousness, wealth and honor, full of blessings, peace and health, and uses its "Fu" character in Kangxi and its majestic image; It expresses the founder’s bright future for Tianfu and his original intention to bring blessings to thousands of families.

Jiatianfu is committed to safe, healthy and environmentally friendly tableware. It adopts China's five thousand years of porcelain culture, combines it with our unique modern craftsmanship, new non-toxic raw materials, and exquisite design to create a tableware for people to eat. Young tableware that is comfortable, convenient, safe, environmentally friendly, healthy and safe.

Each of our utensils is the collision of thousands of years of porcelain culture and Jia Tianfu, starting the "Neolithic Age" of the tableware industry.

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