Understand the cultural differences of tableware, how to choose tableware


Understand the cultural differences of tableware, how to choose tablewareThu Apr 13 16:02:35 CST 2023Understand the cultural differences of tableware, how to choose tableware

Differences between Chinese and Western tableware

Different tableware represents different cultures and different eating habits. There are great differences between Chinese and Western cultures, so their tableware is also very different. Generally speaking, the commonly used types of Chinese tableware are cups, plates, bowls, saucers, chopsticks, spoons, etc., while the Western ones are knives, forks, spoons, plates, cups, etc., and knives are divided into edible knives. , fish knife, meat knife, butter knife, fruit knife, and forks are divided into edible forks, harpoons, and lobster forks. The usage of different utensils is also different. Different environmental conditions and ideologies have created different tableware cultures, and different tableware also reflects the different cultural connotations of China and Western countries. Exploring the cultural differences between Chinese and Western tableware can also increase our knowledge and understand more dining tables. etiquette. the

How to choose tableware

How to choose ceramic tableware: When purchasing ceramic tableware, it is best to purchase ceramic tableware with advanced technology and environmentally friendly pigments; when purchasing, you can touch it with your hands to see if the surface is smooth, and then align the ceramic tableware with light If there are any flaws, you can tap the mouth of the bowl gently with your finger knuckles. If it is a good ceramic tableware, it can make a crisp sound. the

How to choose stainless steel tableware: When purchasing stainless steel tableware, you should carefully check whether the material and steel number used are indicated on the outer packaging; you can also test the quality of stainless steel tableware by weighing. Stainless steel tableware, good quality is heavier than low quality, and the knocking sound will be more vigorous.

Jiatianfu tableware can be used in microwave ovens and disinfection cabinets. It will not burst at high temperature, will not break when falling, is non-toxic, lead-free, and has no harmful gases. All environmental protection indicators have reached international standards; the luster is bright, the heat conduction is slow, the hands are not hot, and the edges are smooth. , delicate touch, easy to clean, oil-resistant and impermeable, recyclable and reused as the theme. Use Jiatianfu tableware to upgrade the life of people and tableware, and reduce the cost of tableware loss and recycling for catering companies.

How to choose glass tableware: When purchasing glass tableware, you can distinguish it by the quality of the tableware such as sound, feel, and appearance. Ordinary glass tableware has dull color, rough workmanship, poor hand feeling, and even some places have air bubbles, and the knocking sound is dull. Good glass tableware is relatively bright in color and feels good. It looks like crystal, and there is a crisp metal sound when tapped lightly.

How to choose the size of tableware: If the family has a large population, it is recommended to buy more types of utensils. The combination of different utensils will also have an artistic sense, and it will not be too stereotyped, so that eating will be more pleasing to the eye . the

How to put the tableware in the hotel

1. Western tableware placement standard

1. The range of tableware placement: the desktop used by each guest is 24 inches across and 16 inches by 16 inches. the

2. The chassis is pre-placed in the center of the guest seat before the dinner starts, and the edge of the plate is no more than 1/4 inch from the edge of the table. the

3. One table knife is placed on the right side of the chassis, with the knife edge facing the chassis. the

4. Place a spoon on the right side of the knife, with the center of the spoon facing up. the

5. There are two dinner forks, the left inner side of the chassis is a lettuce fork, and the left outer side is a dinner fork. the

6. One dim sum fork and one spoon each, placed on the front upper end of the chassis. In fact, dim sum forks and spoons do not have to be placed on the table, they can be brought to the table before or at the same time as serving dim sum. the

7. The bread and butter plate is placed in front of the fork on the left, and a butter knife is placed horizontally on the plate, parallel to the fork. the

8. The beverage cup is placed in the center of the upper end of the knife. the

9. The condiments and ashtray are placed in the center of the dining table, and the two-seat table against the wall is placed on the edge near the wall. the

2. Chinese tableware display standard

1. Starting from the owner's seat, arrange the plates in a clockwise direction, 1cm away from the edge of the table, and the distance between the plates is equal. the

2. The chopstick rest is placed on the upper right of the dinner plate, the back end of the chopsticks is 0.5cm away from the edge of the table, and the chopstick rest is placed 1cm away from the edge of the dinner plate with the pattern facing upward. the

3. Put the soup bowl on the left front of the dinner plate, 1cm away from the dinner plate, put the soup in the soup bowl, with the handle of the soup to the left. the

4. Three cups are used for Chinese banquets: wine glass, white wine glass and water glass. First place the wine glass in front of the toast plate, the wine glass to the right of the grape glass, and the water glass to the left of the grape glass, 1cm away from the wine glass. The three glasses are in a straight line horizontally, and folded flowers are placed in the water glass. the

5. Put a chopstick rest in front of the wine utensils between the host and the vice owner, put the chopsticks on them, and put the hand-held end of the chopsticks to the right. the

6. Toothpicks, ashtrays, and matches are placed on the right of the principal and deputy masters. the

7. The menu is placed next to the chopsticks of the host and vice owner, or it can be placed upright next to the owner's water glass

8. Tidy up the countertop again, adjust the desktop and finally put a vase on it to show the end.

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