Spring is the season of high incidence of viral influenza, and household tableware should be disinfected frequently


Spring is the season of high incidence of viral influenza, and household tableware should be disinfected frequently

At present, influenza A is prevalent. In addition to washing hands frequently, ventilating frequently, and wearing masks, daily necessities such as clothes and towels should also be washed, dried, and changed frequently.

In addition, the disinfection of tableware, water cups and other household items is also worthy of attention, especially the tableware used by influenza A patients should be disinfected in time. Of course, it is best to use professional sterilization equipment such as dishwashers and disinfection cabinets. If there is no such equipment, high-temperature disinfection is familiar to everyone.

high temperature disinfection

For high temperature disinfection to really achieve the desired effect, two conditions must be met at the same time: one is temperature and the other is time.

Steam disinfection: wash the tableware and put them on the steam rack, steam for 20-30 minutes after the water boils, and then cool and dry naturally.

Boiling disinfection: Wash the tableware and put it into the cooking pot (the water has passed through the tableware), cook for 15 minutes after the water boils, and let it dry naturally.

Remember that the sterilized tableware needs to be dried naturally to avoid re-contamination by wiping with a rag.

Dishwasher Disinfection

Counting the reasons why modern people are unwilling to cook, one of them must be: "I don't want to wash the dishes!"

After a tiring day of work and life, I occasionally want to cook for myself and eat cleanly and safely, but "five minutes to eat and half an hour to wash dishes" is too troublesome, so I can only take out.

But taking out every day will cause nutritional imbalance! Money is precious, but body is more expensive. It must have taken a lot of effort to have your own kitchen in this city with soaring prices!

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