A new round of technological revolution


The formation of oyster shells is highly similar to the deposition of bone salt in the human body. Studies have found that there is no adverse reaction when implanting oyster shells as biomaterials into mice. In vitro tests have confirmed that the treated oyster shells have good biomaterial activity.

In the process of investigation and research on the characteristics of oyster shells, we were also pleasantly surprised to find that in the classics of traditional Chinese medicine, it has been recorded that oyster shells were directly used as medicine or calcined and ground into powder for use as medicine. He further checked relevant information and found that oyster shells have the effects of calming the nerves and helping sleep, nourishing and astringent, softening and resolving masses, and can be used to treat neurasthenia, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, vertigo syndrome, lymph node tuberculosis, tinnitus, lipoma, Intra-abdominal lumps, etc. Oyster shell has astringent effect and can be used to treat hyperhidrosis during the day, hyperhidrosis after falling asleep, acute and chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer, etc. There is a saying in "Qian Jin Fang" about oyster powder: "Treating night sweats when lying down, and headache due to wind deficiency: three liang each of oyster, Atractylodes macrocephala, and Fangfeng. To cure the sieve, take the square inch dagger with wine, two days a day." It is written in "Haiyao Materia Medica" : (Calcined oyster) Mainly for men's nocturnal emission, fatigue and fatigue, tonifying kidney and righteousness, stopping night sweats, removing restlessness and fever, treating typhoid and hot phlegm, nourishing and calming the nerves, and treating children with convulsions and epilepsy. Various investigations and discoveries have further strengthened our confidence and expectations for the material oyster shell

A difficult exploration to develop new materials

We began to travel around the world, traveling between various university laboratories and scientific research institutions, looking for research teams on the comprehensive utilization of oyster shell materials, hoping to effectively utilize and develop oyster shells. At the same time, we set up a technical research and development team to conduct in-depth research on this problem, and carried out hundreds of attempts and experiments on material technology and structural technology, and finally developed the first generation of Jia Tianfu in September 2022. Eco-friendly oyster shell tableware.

The country vigorously develops the circular economy, and in the specific countermeasures and measures, it first points out that it will increase investment in basic theoretical research and focus on the development and utilization of "high-performance green and environmentally friendly materials" and "materials with renewable resources as raw materials". Jiatianfu tableware uses green, healthy, environment-friendly, pollution-free and zero-emission raw materials, which not only solves the problem of shells piled up in coastal areas and cannot be effectively treated, but also reduces the exploitation of oil, forests, and mines. It is a new breakthrough in the entire tableware industry. .

Jiatianfu tableware, also known as environmentally friendly oyster shell tableware, is a new material made of oyster shell powder + PP, plus polymer materials. This new type of resin is waterproof, strong, heat-resistant, and non-flammable. It is conducive to reducing the phenomenon of cutting down trees to make paper and saving oil resources, and is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It is light, beautiful, high and low temperature resistant, not fragile, etc.

Tableware performance (three highs): high gloss (110°), high temperature resistance (170°C), high strength (drop resistance)

Advantages of tableware: it can be used in microwave ovens and disinfection cabinets, and it will not burst at high temperatures;

The tableware has bright luster, easy coloring, slow heat conduction, no hot hands, smooth edges, delicate hand feeling, and easy to clean.

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