Durable and beautiful Jia Tianfu tableware


The tableware collection offers round, oval and organically shaped plates, deep plates and serving bowls, perfect for both serving and dining. Exquisitely made of oyster shell powder, it is delicate, transparent and durable, and can be used alone or in combination.

A kitchen doesn't mean you have to use plastic cutlery and ready-made cutlery given to you by others. If you want to be satisfied with every meal, a good set of tableware is essential. It’s also an easy way for you to reveal your new self.

Whether it's a quick daily breakfast or a romantic candlelight dinner, we have the right tableware for you. Not only are our tableware functional, they come in a variety of styles so you can set up your table just the way you like. If you don't have to wash the dishes after the meal, just throw them into the dishwasher, it will be even more perfect for a candlelight dinner.

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