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On July 3, an entry titled "Shanghai Internet Celebrity Swiss Roll Shopkeeper Grinding Foreign Workers Causes Controversy" rushed into the hot search on Weibo. Many netizens accused the brand called "Roll'ING Swiss Roll" of starvation marketing, although A price of 39-49 yuan. It's not expensive in Shanghai, but waiting in line for 90 minutes for it makes people question whether it's really worth it. I learned at the Roll'ING store that the brand's first store opened on June 29 and is located in Shanghai ASE Central Plaza, which is adjacent to the Dapu Bridge subway entrance of Line 9.

"Swiss rolls are a proven category, and currently there are relatively few specialized stores in the domestic market. At present, Roll'ING's main products are 4 types of Swiss rolls, namely French Chantilly Cheese Roll, Black Gold Matcha cheese rolls, Damascus rose lychee rolls, and melted angel coconut Swiss rolls are all priced at 39-49 yuan. According to the clerk, the store cannot guarantee the specific release time of each product to consumers. After queuing up to get the number plate, go to the counter to check out and pick up the goods.

I saw at the scene that a round of queuing consumers were waiting for the product of black gold matcha cheese roll, and the waiting time took about an hour. The store starts releasing the first round of Swiss rolls at ten o'clock in the morning every day, which is the French Chantilly cheese one. There are about 30-33 rolls in one round, and the flavors are constantly cycled. In other words, you can't make your own choice of the flavor you buy, and you have to wait in line for an hour for it. The on-site scalpers raised the price of a single product to 100 yuan.

He said that he also thinks that there is no food worth waiting for more than 30 minutes, and the store is still in an abnormal state. Jiang Haowen and his team are also constantly debugging. For example, the team once tried to let consumers order with the mini program, but found that the order of the mini program would also be snatched up by scalpers as soon as it arrived, so it was a last resort Give up, and new exploration is still underway.

"When consumers come to buy products, they not only buy imported cakes, but also enjoy a whole set of shopping process and experience in offline stores. But fundamentally, from the perspective of marketing effects, slowing down the efficiency in this way can also create a store front. The scene of a large number of consumers queuing up. Relying on KOL to grow grass online and queuing up offline have become the traffic code for creating an online celebrity store. Jiang Haowen has also shared his marketing logic with the outside world. He believes that only those that are spontaneously spread by people Only things have marketing value. For example, one's own products are posted on Moments, and the reason why people are willing to post is because of this thing "I have it and you don't".

Although the unit price of KUMO KUMO and Roll'ING is not high, the time cost of buying it is very high, so people are willing to share the things they buy after such a queue. This may be the reason why this company slows down efficiency. One of the original intentions of queuing. This kind of consumer psychology is also the psychology of people who "worry about missing out" or being outdated in the age of social networks. Share your own evaluation, and further stir up the topic of a certain brand.

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