Meeting Xiaomian opens a new round of expansion


It is learned from the catering chain brand Yuxiaomian that the brand expects to add 100 new stores in the next year, focusing on the cities and regions in the Yangtze River Delta. In addition, it will also explore the Hong Kong market this year.

Up to now, the total number of stores of Yumexiaomian, which has been established for 9 years, is only 200, which means that it has started the fastest expansion plan since its establishment.

Encounter small noodles is a Sichuan-Chongqing flavor chain noodle restaurant brand that focuses on Chongqing small noodles. Founded in Guangzhou in 2014 by Song Qi, Su Xuxiang and Luo Yanling. Because Song Qi had work experience at McDonald's and Yum!, Song Qi applied standardized management to the store at the beginning of the opening of Yuxiaomian's first store, so that the spiciness of each bowl of noodles and the softness and hardness of the noodles were at the same standard; Coupled with improvements to cater to local tastes, three months after the opening of the first store, it received angel investment of 2 million yuan from Tiantu Capital and 1 million yuan from investor Gu Dongsheng. At that time, the market valuation of Yuxiaomian reached 13 million yuan.

In 2016, Encounter, which has only 10 stores, ushered in two rounds of financing, respectively from Jiumaojiu and Baifu Holdings, a subsidiary of Lenovo Hony Investment, with a financing amount of more than 30 million yuan.

When the noodle track is hot in 2021, meeting small noodles has also become the target of investors.

In 2021, Encounter Xiaomian received two more rounds of financing, one of the larger ones was a joint investment of over 100 million yuan from Country Garden Ventures and dumpling chain brand Xijiade. The market environment was hot at that time-in 2021, Hefu Lo Mian received more than 800 million yuan in E-round financing, while Chen Xianggui completed two rounds of financing of more than 300 million yuan in July and November. Yebai Noodles received the largest financing amount of 300 million yuan.

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